Established in 1992

Mother and Infant Research Activities (MIRA) was established in 1992 with initiative from Prof. Anthony Costello of the Institute of Child Health, London, and a group of leading perinatalogists in Nepal led by Dr. Dharma S. Manandhar. MIRA was established to conduct studies and develop appropriate and cost-effective interventions to improve maternal and infant health in the country. It was formally registered as a non- government organisation with the office of the Chief District Officer, Kathmandu in 1994. MIRA is run by a group of experienced and committed Nepalese health and development professionals and has conducted several studies to look at important causes of perinatal and neonatal problems in the country. Studies include topics such as perinatal nutrition and asphyxia, value of multiple micronutrient supplementation in pregnant women and babies, and testing a participatory intervention to reduce neonatal and maternal mortality through womens’ groups. MIRA works closely with the government sector, and was involved in the development of the National Neonatal Health Strategy of the Ministry of Health for improving the care of newborns at each level of care.


MIRA's mission is to improve the health of the mothers and the new-born babies by reducing maternal, infant and neonatal mortality and morbidity through research, training, service delivery, publication and advocacy


Our Vision is to using the results of research activities for the welfare of mothers and children