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Low cost locally made essential equipment for Newborn Care have been designed by Prof. D.S. Manandhar, President and Executive Director.

Medical equipment such as 'DSM' Resuscitaire, 'DSM' Warm Baby Cot, 'DSM' Phototherapy Unit, 'DSM' Oxygen Hood, Neonatal Resuscitation Sets like bag and mask, rubber suction bulbs, digital thermometers and weighing machines were provided to the hospitals and PHCs.

Neonatal resuscitation set containing bag and mask, rubber bulb suction, digital thermometer and weighing machine have been provided to health post and sub health post level facilities.

Simple tube and mask, rubber suction bulb, two pieces of cloth, antiseptics (G.V. & Betadine solution) in a neonatal kit bag have been given to MCHWs, FCHVs and TTBAs. 
Locally made low cost equipment are being used in several hospitals including Medical  College Hospitals, Government hospitals and private nursing homes.

These are cheap, easy to use and maintain and affordable

"DSM" Warm Cot used for keeping the baby warm (as an incubator)

"DSM" Phototherapy Unit used for treating neonatal jaundice
"DSM" Oxygen hood    for oxygen administration
"DSM" Resuscitaire used in the labour room or ward to keep the baby ("an open care system")


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